Monday, March 9, 2015

30 Before 30

A couple years ago, a friend of mine spent her 29th year of life doing 30 things she had always wanted to do before she turned 30 years old. At the time, I was 25 and thought I would have 5 years to do that (instead of having to feel like I had to fit in 30 things in one year). So my bestie and I sat down with a bunch of colored Sharpies (because duh.) and made a list. I'm happy to say I have really accomplished a lot of them! I still have a couple years to go, and a few big ticket items. Some are business related, most are just 'I've always wanted to do' items. 
1. Take a spontaneous trip to Ikea. (Usually it's a planned out trip, but this one was easy to accomplish!)
2. Completely makeover a large piece of furniture  (dining room table!)
3. Get organized. (This will never happen. haha)
4. Make a pie from scratch (including dough). 
5. Take a trip to NYC. (Planning for 2016)
6. Shoot 15 weddings in one year. (The next year I shot 34 weddings, and this year I'm booked for 30! Eeek!)
7. Buy something from Tiffany's. (hint hint... husband)
8. Throw a fancy Christmas or New Years Eve party.
9. No more apartment living.
10. Photograph 2 destination weddings. (I'm halfway there! I photographed one last year, and have 3 booked for this year!)
11. Go on a family vacation every year. 
12. Travel more (definitely accomplishing this!)
13. Go to Graceland (HUGE ELVIS FAN)
14. Pay off all credit cards.
15. Get a dog (We welcomed Burton Guster, or Gus, last August!)
16. Perfect my chili recipe. 
Get a studio. (Just moved in 2 months ago!)
18. Sew something again. (I used to love sewing, but haven't had time to do it much in the last few years)
19. Go hiking again. 
Potty train Harper. (I knew this would happen but I had to make it a goal. haha!)
21. Spend a whole day binge watching shows on Netflix. (This has happened a few too many times.)
22. Go on a girls weekend trip. 
Go to WPPI. (Just got back on Thursday!!)
24. Go on an anniversary trip with Matt. (We're planning on Boston in August!)
25. Go back to Tennessee for Chili-fest.
26. See the Christmas lights at the Opryland Hotel. 
27. Regularly tithe. 
28. See at least 25 states. (By the end of this year I'll be at 19!)
29. Shoot a gun.
30. Photograph an epic proposal. 
Okay. I still have wayyyy more to accomplish than I realized. Yikes! I have a couple more years to go. I can't wait to accomplish all of it.