Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2015 Is a Newer Year

I tell myself this every year. I write a blog post (that never actually gets posted), pretty much exactly like this one; at some point in December. With the plans to post it and change and become reformed. ALL FROM A BLOG POST.

Well that's just silly.

The way I run my business (or don't run it) won't change all from a post.

What will change it, is actually sticking to my guns. Choosing my family over my job, which this is by the way, as it does pay my bills. ;) Choosing putting my daughter to bed at night, over emailing or editing.

The thing with this job is the hours are crazy. With cell phones, tablets, free wi-fi, etc; I'm able to stay connected to my business 24/7.  I wake up in the morning, and before I get out of bed, I check my email. If there's anything that's urgent, I email right then and there. From my pillow, sleep still in my eyes. I usually eat lunch at my desk, my kid watches t.v. or plays games by herself more than I'd care to admit. I literally feel bad for showering sometimes (sorry if you've seen me in public on those days). My house is a wreck and I can go weeks without seeing my friends or family.  I caught myself emailing during date night with my husband. *sad trumpet*

This is in NO WAY a pity party. Because I, for real, love this job.  It is my blood, my sweat, and my tears and it's 100% personal.  Every good thing, every bad thing, every indifferent thing. I take it all to heart. Because, as incredibly cheesy as this is, each photo is my heart. I photograph families, engagements, weddings. All of those are about LOVE. I photograph love.  And that, I don't take lightly.  If you have met me or know me at all, you know I freaking love my 'job'.  I only consider this a job, because I pay my bills. It isn't a hobby for me. This is a full time, tax-paying, insured,  J.O.B.  That's why I'm being honest with my fans/clients/followers.

Right now my schedule is KDP all day, every day. I have no set days off, I have no set 'office hours', I just work all the time.  And honestly, I'm insanely scared of getting burnt out. Which is why I'm setting hours. Effective immediately. The hours I'm setting are going to be completely weird. And when the busy season picks back up, my hours will most likely change. I want to make sure you all get the very best of me. My very best work, my very best correspondence, all of it. I won't be hiring an assistant, although I most likely will be taking on an intern at some point.

My new schedule will be as follows.

Sunday: OFF. This is family day, no exceptions. When it starts to get warmer and the season picks up,  I will be booking one Sunday a month with one shoot in the evening. As always, it's first come/first served. So if you want/need a Sunday...book now.
Monday: 8:00am-10:30am; 1pm-3pm
Tuesday: 1pm-3pm; 10pm-1am
Wednesday: 8am-5pm
Thursday: 1pm-3pm; 10pm-1am
Friday: 8am-10:30am; 1pm-3pm
Saturday: This depends on the week. Once March hits, this will be weddings only. I will no longer be booking portrait shoots on Saturdays. I will, however, book mini shoots (possibly in the spring/summer, definitely in the fall) on a Saturday TBD.

I know this seems like the worlds weirdest schedule, but I think it will be what's best for me, you, my family/friends, and mostly my sanity.

Here are a couple other things to take note of:
-If we're friends on Facebook (or even if we're not): please please please, DO NOT message me on my personal Facebook about booking a shoot. Even if you just want to know pricing, email is best. Or submit a contact form through my website.
- Galleries will be emailed out when I work late hours.
- I will be offering mentoring sessions in 2015! Yay!! I'm finishing up the logistics but this is something I've really been wanting to offer and I think it's time.
- I will not be booking any sessions (except weddings and an occasional day of mini sessions) on Saturdays.  Friday evenings, and one Sunday a month will be set aside for other sessions. I will continue to book sessions during the week.  No more than 2 sessions (+ a wedding) a week.
- And, as always, shoots will be booked, first come/first served, in the evenings, around 1 hour before sunset. On special occasions, sunrise shoots may be booked, but those also must happen around an hour after sunrise (or before).

Please ask any questions, and I'll be happy to answer them. I can't wait to see what 2015 brings to KDP!