Thursday, April 24, 2014

Changes are a-coming!

Not exactly sure how to start this blog post here we go.

I'm taking a step back. I'm SO SO SO incredibly blessed that I am this busy. It's because all of you wonderful people. 99% of what I book is through referrals. Referrals come from YOU. And I am so thankful.

I have an awful time turning people away, and saying no. So in turn, I'm overbooking. And there's little I dislike more than overbooking.  I pride myself on my customer service.  I want each client to feel like my only client.

On top of being a small business owner (and running everything behind the scenes on my own...I am Katy, hear me roar!), I'm also a wife, mom, daughter, and friend. And I am failing BIG time on those titles.

So I've decided, that as of now, I'm no longer booking any new clients in need of these types of shoots: family, senior, newborn, baby, child...etc. If you have EVER booked with me in the past (weddings included) I have no problem scheduling with you! If you're a future wedding client, contact me!! I'm still booking weddings for 2014 and have started booking for 2015.  If you have already contacted me,  you're okay too! I just don't think I can (in good conscious) take on more new clients.

I'm hoping this change will create a quicker turn-around, less stress, and more time to blog everyone's pretty photos! I WILL take new clients later on in the year, but this summer is packed for now. So keep an eye out on my Facebook page ( Katy Davis Photography ) if you're a new client. I will keep everyone updated on that page.


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