Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jake | Senior Class of 2014 Greenwood, Indiana Senior Photographer

Where do I start with Jake....

First off, Jake is literally the 3rd senior boy I have had the joy of shooting. Literally. I chalk it up to guys in general really do NOT like having their photo taken. I mean, husbands/boyfriends/fiances will usually suck it up for their significant other; but usually moms don't want to fight with their teen and just get the bare minimum for senior photos (usually from the photographer required for the yearbook). And I TOTALLY understand.

But, Jake. Jake is one of my reps and seriously actually enjoys getting his photo taken.

Jake is my new favorite 17/18 year old guy.

Not in a weird way, haha! but in a way that I wish I could get him to convince all senior guys to let me take their photos.

It also doesn't help that Jake is handsome! I mean...dude has some killer blue eyes! Anyway who wants to see some more of Jake?!