Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jensen Family- Greenwood, Indiana Photographer

I have been so crazy busy this summer that I have completely forgotten about blogging. Blogging is super important so I'm back at it!

This family is one of my very very favorite families. Ever. I met Rachael through a good friend of mine (who is also her sister!) When they found out they were pregnant with a (literal) miracle baby I JUMPED at the chance to photograph them. So I did! We did maternity, hospital lifestyle (alternative to birth photography), and newborn. So basically I got to spend tons of time with them in the past 3ish months. :)

This is a HUGE photo dump. So be prepared to scroll.

We couldn't have had a prettier night for the maternity shoot. I never felt or saw the 'glow' they tell you about in pregnancy...but Rachael. That's all she did was glow!

I haven't yet had the privilege to photograph a birth, although I would LOVE to ( me if you're preggo and want me to photograph it!!). Being at the hospital the day after Elyana was born was perfect! Grandma, Grandpa, cousins, I got to capture it all. These are some of my favorite photos to look back on.

Read this statement seriously: I do not normally photograph newborns in a posed setting. I just don't do it.  Photographing newborns takes tons and tons (and tons...get my drift?) of patience. For some reason, babies are immediately awake and hungry the minute I try and photograph them. So I've learned, the best way for me to photograph newborns is in a lifestyle setting.  Lifestyle is when I come to your house and photograph you doing normal every day things. Like, snuggling, bath time, reading books, cooking dinner. You get the idea.

 I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING!  YES this is a posed newborn. YES I broke my own rule. I only agreed to some posed ones because the Jensen's are in the middle of building a house and the house they're in now is full of boxes.

Raeleigh is SUCH a sweet big sister! At this point...we were pulling out every bribe we could just to get her to sit with baby Ely. :)