Monday, April 22, 2013

MY seniors...yup, that's right MY seniors

who are actually juniors for the next 6ish weeks...buuut that's beside the point.

Remember this post? Where I put it out in the blogosphere/interweb/Facebook world that I was searching for current Juniors (graduating class of 2014) to represent KDP? Wellllll let me tell you. I'm pretty sure I gathered some sort of brain trust from the schools in the area. Seriously. These kids are LEGIT amazing. And I'm also pretty sure I, nor any of my friends or fellow classmates, looked or acted as mature as these kids do!  Without further are MY seniors.






For. REAL....are they all not magazine worthy?! And how did I get so lucky to find 5 seniors (juniors) who ALL have AMAZING eyes??! If you see them in public, as them for a card. ;)