Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jake | Senior Class of 2014 Greenwood, Indiana Senior Photographer

Where do I start with Jake....

First off, Jake is literally the 3rd senior boy I have had the joy of shooting. Literally. I chalk it up to guys in general really do NOT like having their photo taken. I mean, husbands/boyfriends/fiances will usually suck it up for their significant other; but usually moms don't want to fight with their teen and just get the bare minimum for senior photos (usually from the photographer required for the yearbook). And I TOTALLY understand.

But, Jake. Jake is one of my reps and seriously actually enjoys getting his photo taken.

Jake is my new favorite 17/18 year old guy.

Not in a weird way, haha! but in a way that I wish I could get him to convince all senior guys to let me take their photos.

It also doesn't help that Jake is handsome! I mean...dude has some killer blue eyes! Anyway who wants to see some more of Jake?!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Jensen Family- Greenwood, Indiana Photographer

I have been so crazy busy this summer that I have completely forgotten about blogging. Blogging is super important so I'm back at it!

This family is one of my very very favorite families. Ever. I met Rachael through a good friend of mine (who is also her sister!) When they found out they were pregnant with a (literal) miracle baby I JUMPED at the chance to photograph them. So I did! We did maternity, hospital lifestyle (alternative to birth photography), and newborn. So basically I got to spend tons of time with them in the past 3ish months. :)

This is a HUGE photo dump. So be prepared to scroll.

We couldn't have had a prettier night for the maternity shoot. I never felt or saw the 'glow' they tell you about in pregnancy...but Rachael. That's all she did was glow!

I haven't yet had the privilege to photograph a birth, although I would LOVE to ( me if you're preggo and want me to photograph it!!). Being at the hospital the day after Elyana was born was perfect! Grandma, Grandpa, cousins, I got to capture it all. These are some of my favorite photos to look back on.

Read this statement seriously: I do not normally photograph newborns in a posed setting. I just don't do it.  Photographing newborns takes tons and tons (and tons...get my drift?) of patience. For some reason, babies are immediately awake and hungry the minute I try and photograph them. So I've learned, the best way for me to photograph newborns is in a lifestyle setting.  Lifestyle is when I come to your house and photograph you doing normal every day things. Like, snuggling, bath time, reading books, cooking dinner. You get the idea.

 I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THINKING!  YES this is a posed newborn. YES I broke my own rule. I only agreed to some posed ones because the Jensen's are in the middle of building a house and the house they're in now is full of boxes.

Raeleigh is SUCH a sweet big sister! At this point...we were pulling out every bribe we could just to get her to sit with baby Ely. :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

MY seniors...yup, that's right MY seniors

who are actually juniors for the next 6ish weeks...buuut that's beside the point.

Remember this post? Where I put it out in the blogosphere/interweb/Facebook world that I was searching for current Juniors (graduating class of 2014) to represent KDP? Wellllll let me tell you. I'm pretty sure I gathered some sort of brain trust from the schools in the area. Seriously. These kids are LEGIT amazing. And I'm also pretty sure I, nor any of my friends or fellow classmates, looked or acted as mature as these kids do!  Without further are MY seniors.






For. REAL....are they all not magazine worthy?! And how did I get so lucky to find 5 seniors (juniors) who ALL have AMAZING eyes??! If you see them in public, as them for a card. ;)

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Last year I started getting back into photography starting in April with a friends wedding. She called in a friend favor because her photographer backed out on her a month before the wedding. Talk about stressful! So I agreed and thus began the year of weddings. I was also asked to second shoot with my very very very good friend Angie (Angie English Photography). We have a BLAST shooting! It makes weddings even more fun! Here are a bunch of my favorite shots from 2012.